Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Emily Hughes –

I am responsible for Wiltshire’s Multiply offer. I have a background in education and enjoy helping others meet their goals and improve their life prospects. I enjoy being able to work with both providers and learners and see the real impact that Multiply is having for Wiltshire residents.

Catherine Brooks –

I have worked at Wiltshire Council for 12 years, supporting around the Employment and Skills agenda.

In my current role I support our Multiply providers to deliver their courses to learners. Ensuring quality and accessible courses are available for adults to improve their numeracy skills. 

Penny Taylor –

I never thought that I would end up in a job role that is about maths education! Being one of those who didn’t enjoy it at school to now understanding the relevance it has in our daily lives and how poor numeracy can impact life decisions. I am pleased to be a part of the Multiply programme and help people improve their confidence talking about Maths for them to take that next step.

Fran Carpenter –

My role is to support the business needs of the Multiply programme. I look forward to doing my part in facilitating a variety of Multiply projects throughout Wiltshire.

Nicola Crompton –

Maths wasn’t my favourite subject at school.  Now I realise how important it is in day to day life, from working out what 40% off a pair of shoes is, to how much paint I need to decorate a room, or planning a monthly budget in increasingly hard times.  It doesn’t have to be scary and I’m looking forward to helping others figure this out through Multiply.

Rose Evans –

I never realised how important having  knowledge around  Maths would be on a day to day basis, delivering Maths has also helped improve my Maths skills and made me realise it not as scary as you think.

David Hopkins –

I retired from being a full-time health and safety advisor for the UK Health Security Agency in March and decided to join Wiltshire Council as a part time Multiply trainer.

As a multiply trainer it is my responsibility to put together and deliver multiply training courses.

Emma Blease –

I am delighted to be working with Family and Community Learning and Multiply promoting our maths provision and reaching those who can benefit from our courses.

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