Traineeships are flexible training programmes for young people aged 16 to 24. They include a work placement, and they help to build skills for those who want to work or gives some extra help before starting an apprenticeship.

A traineeship helps young people to prepare for employment by building skills through training and a work placement (unpaid).

The work placement can last for as little as 5 weeks or last up to 5 months depending on your needs. You may have several work placements with different employers, or one placement with a single employer. You will not get paid but you are entitled to travel expenses to and from your work placement and if you are claiming Universal Credit then this will not be affected.

You will receive:

  • meaningful feedback on your performance from the employer
  • confirmation of completing a Traineeship
  • confirmation of your qualifications
  • a reference from the employer

You will also receive a guaranteed interview by the employer either for an actual job or apprenticeship (if one is available), or an exit interview to support you in your next steps.

There are lots of organisations that deliver traineeships including colleges and online providers. We have found some providers below that offer traineeships for young people in Wiltshire.

For more information on traineeships or to apply for one, visit the find a traineeship website

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