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Mental health and wellbeing

Everyone feels stressed sometimes but if you feel too much stress, too often, and can’t calm down, then you may need some support. Good mental health has a great impact on all aspects of your life so if you feel you need some support to improve your mental health have a look at the support organisations listed below.

You may also find it helpful to speak to your GP or someone you trust at school or college – for example, a teacher, pastoral lead, school nurse or special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO).

Local Support

On your mind

24/7 mental health support for children, young people and parents/careers

AWP helpline

Avon and Wiltshire Partnership run a 24/7 mental health helpline


Counselling support service to help improve your relationships

Integrated Front Door

If you are worried about yourself or young person that you think is at risk of significant harm, or is injured, contact The Integrated Front Door


Free confidential support for young people aged 11-25

Wiltshire Mind

Voluntary organisation , supporting people who are experiencing mental health problems or emotional distress

Wiltshire Health Improvement Coaches

Health Improvement Coaches focus on improving health to support mental wellbeing. This service is for people aged 18 + and is free.

National support

There are also lots of national organisations that offer resources, help, advice and support, some of these are listed below: