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If you are looking for some support to help you get a job or find a course then we have lots of information here for you.

Education, Employment or Training (EET) Support Service 

The EET Support Service provides support for young people aged 16-17 Not in Employment, Education or Training who need extra help to re-engage with learning or find employment and training. One to one support from an Education, Employment Adviser will help you;

  • understand what options are available to you
  • find out about local training options
  • find and apply for jobs or apprenticeships.

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    Education, Employment or Training (EET) Support Service

    Sign up here for help if you are a young person aged 16 or 17 not in education or employment and would like support from Young Work Wiltshire.
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Education, Employment or Training Support Service Subject Information Notice

Local Support Programmes

Look at the below tabs to see what support is available.

Providing 1 to 1 key worker support to those furthest away from work to overcome barriers and move towards employment or education.


Contact details:

Phone: 01380 732821


Care Leaver Support 

A care leaver is a young person aged 16-25 years old who has been ‘looked after’ at some point since they were 14 years old, and were in care on or after their 16th birthday. As a care leaver you are entitled to various support to help you move into a successful working life.

Click here to go to our care leaver support page

Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

We understand that you may be facing some challenges and may need more support to help you with education, employment or training. We have more specific information for those with Special Education Needs or Disabilities, those with convictions and mental health care on the link below.

Click here for more information for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Young Carers

A Young Carer is anyone under the age of 18 years who cares for someone. because of an illness, disability or addiction which can include mental health and depression.  Some of the ways young people care for someone are:

  • Staying in the house a lot to be there for them
  • Helping them to get up, get washed or dressed, or helping with toileting
  • Doing lots of the household chores like shopping, cleaning and cooking
  • Looking after younger brothers and sisters because of their or their parent’s illness or disability
  • Providing emotional support, for example encouraging, listening, or just being there for someone

Spending a lot of time caring for someone else can be stressful, and might make learning, socialising  or finding a career more difficult. It’s important for you and your future to get the best support as soon as possible.

The Families and Children’s Team at Wiltshire Council can help you and your family get the help you need, visit the website for more information or you can either tel: 0300 4560108 or email:

Carer Support Wiltshire are a local charity that supports all carers in Wiltshire. This includes young carers and young adult carers. You can contact them on tel: 0800 181 4118 or visit their website

Wellbeing and Mental Health

 Most people (1 in 4) will experience problems with their mental health but there is support available.  If you are feeling anxious, stressed or  finding it difficult to manage see what help you can access on the link below.

Click here to go to support for mental health

Student Financial Support

Studying can be quite costly and not just from course fees but also from day to day living costs. See what financial student support there is for those studying Further or Higher Education courses

Click here to go to student financial support


Created by ERSA to provide support for Skills, Employment, Training and Help.

Lists national and local support for jobseekers.

Click here to go to ASK SETH

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