Ryan Venner, 23, is the Sales and Marketing Director at Premier Jobs UK based at Fourbrooks Business Park, Calne. Premier Jobs UK specialise in recruitment for financial services. Having started his career as an apprentice we spoke to him before he embarks on his Masters in Business Management via the apprenticeship route. We previously spoke to Ryan in February 2020, he is now nearing the end of his apprenticeship journey and was pleased to share an update with us.

I actually finished my first draft dissertation last night! By March 2022 everything should be officially completed after my end point assessment. I am really glad I did the course; it is in senior leadership and strategic thinking which has been really helpful in the workplace around the time of COVID, we have had to adapt to changing circumstances and how to best manage staff. I think it has shaped the business during these times. The apprenticeship course has been what I imagined, and the modules have included elements of my work, it’s helped that it’s been a two-pronged approach.

It has been good to show you can take apprenticeships all the way, there are more courses coming and there is greater ability for people to do more through apprenticeships.

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