MG Cannon have been a great supporter of our Be Involved initiative – we met recently with Juliet Harris – Group Marketing Coordinator to discuss their journey.  

Why did you pledge to ‘Be Involved’?  

We pledged because MG Cannons ethos is too involve the community wherever possible, our customers are important to us and we like to give back. Whether that is working with charities, schools, chambers of commerce’s or via mentoring. We find it also a great way to up skill our staff for example, attending school’s fairs is not something they may have done before, attending those events gives them a new set of skills.

What have the outcomes been since you pledged and how do you feel it has benefited the company? 

After pledging to Be Involved I have taken part in a careers fair, helped at three mock interview days with students, we have a work experience placement in our Salisbury office, as well as apprentices at Plymouth and Salisbury and are recruiting for another in Westbury at the moment.

The benefit to our business is that we are able to get out into the community and engage and help students understand what our business is about, Bodyshop repair is changing at a rapid pace, I am able showcase the industry and we are helping apprentices learn a specialised trade with some of the leading car manufacturers.  Apprenticeships also allow us to address the aging workforce and help to give us the diversity we believe is beneficial to our business, through the introduction of younger people with fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm. 

Lastly, would you recommend other companies get involved?  

Yes, definitely I would encourage other employers to get Be Involved – the system is really straight forward and user friendly.

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