UFA are a charity that hold the contract for NCS across Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset and this summer will be taking 1200 young people aged 15-17 on 4 week summer programmes.

They are recruiting summer staff which falls into three roles:

Team Leaders – in this role you are responsible for a group of 15 young people as they progress through the 4 week programme. This role requires previous experience of working with young people in a similar capacity.

Team Assistants – in this role you support the Team Leader to look after a group of 15 young people. Previous experience of youth work is not necessary but an interest in working in this field, teaching or sports coaching would be the sort of candidate that we are seeking.

Wave Leaders – in this role you oversee a programme of up to 180 young people and 32 staff and have additional responsibilities around safeguarding, health and safety and logistics. This role would suit anyone who has worked in education, youth work, or has overseen the delivery of programmes. They need to be highly organised and comfortable with managing disciplinary issues (both staff and young people). Wave leaders need to be able to travel independently to all of the locations we cover so a car and driving licence is required.

Dates as below;

Wave 1 (1st July – 28th July)
Wave Leader (1)
Team Leader – Marlborough (1) & Salisbury (1)
Team Assistant – Marlborough (1) & Salisbury (3)

Wave 2 (8th July – 4th August)
Wave Leader (1)
Team Leader – Salisbury (3) & Chippenham (1)
Team Assistant – Trowbridge (2) Castle Cary (1) Salisbury (2)

Wave 3 (15th July – 10th August)
Wave Leader (1)
Team Leader – Marlborough (1) & Chippenham (1)
Team Assistant – Trowbridge (3) Bath (2) Marlborough (1) Chippenham (1)

Wave 4 (22nd July – 18th August)
Team Assistant – Trowbridge (3) Bath (1) Chippenham (2) Salisbury (2)

Wave 5 (29th July – 25th August)
Wave Leader (1)
Team Assistant – Trowbridge (2) Bath (3) Chippenham (3)

Wave 6 (5th August – 1st September)
Wave Leader (1)
Team Leader – Salisbury (1)
Team Assistant – Salisbury (3)

Applicants must be 18+. Full details, rates of pay, dates and application form can be found on their website:

Candidates will be invited to an interview or assessment day as the second stage of the application process.

It is important to stress that these roles require stamina, perseverance and tolerance. Staff work long days and need to have the skills to deal with challenging behaviour. There is compulsory training which has to be undertaken over a weekend ahead of the summer as well as online training.

thumbnail of UFA NCS Wave Leader Job Description 2019

thumbnail of UFA-NCS-Team-Assistant-Job-Description-2019

thumbnail of UFA-NCS-Team-Leader-Job-description-2019

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