People Management reported on 31st May that the state of post-18 education calls for a learning loan system to help workers study or reskill.

The report went onto to say adults in work should be given access to educational loans similar to students to spend on further education, upskilling or reskilling opportunities in later life, an independent report has said.

The Augar report, the result of a 15-month long independent review of post-18 education, said it was vital in the changing labour market for the UK workforce to have access to learning and development opportunities, but that funding and attention was too often concentrated on universities and university students.

It recommended the government introduce a “lifelong learning loan allowance” for study and reskilling later in life, to be used at higher technical and degree level at any stage of an adult’s career for full and part-time learning.

It also said this funding should be made available in modules where required, to encourage retraining and flexible learning, that the government should do more to facilitate movement between different institutions, and called for greater investment in “second chance” learning at intermediate levels.

To read the full and original article visit People Management website. 

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