A People Management article highlights – skills of the future are ‘empathy, teamwork and resilience’, says Matthew Taylor.

The article went on to highlight our need to record soft skills as well as formal education.

We talk about coding – we won’t need coding in 20 years but we are going to need empathy, we’re going to need teamwork, we’re going to need resilience.

For me, we will really have turned the dial on quality of work in a world where everybody has a portfolio… Everyone has an account of their formal education, their informal education at work and beyond in volunteering and other things they’ve done… they can bring an account of these broader generic skills which are the key transferable skills.

Taylor added that a skills-based framework would be most helpful to those whose jobs were most at risk.

If you’re middle-class, you’re on LinkedIn, this is your rolling commentary. But for millions of workers, there is no sense of that and there is a sense that they’ve failed in education, they get no training at work, there’s no growth and development.

For the full and original article visit People Management website.

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