Thank you to all the schools who completed the survey in 2018 .

The aim of this survey is to gain a deeper understanding of why and how young people get their misconceptions of apprenticeships (if they do) and the results from the survey in 2018 have shown that young people want to know more about apprenticeships (86% of Year 10s and 81% of Year 8s).  Some of the headline data from the survey is below:

  • Family is the major influencer in a young person’s decision making.
  • The majority in both year groups agreed that an apprenticeship is a successful route into a career but only 38% of Year 10s and 28% of Year 8s are considering taking up an apprenticeship.
  • 67% of Year 8s think that those with a university background will earn more over their career which decreases to 58% in year 10.
  • 57% of Year 8s feel their parents would prefer they take an HE route in comparison to 46% in Year 10. 11% of Year 8s feel their parents would prefer they take an apprenticeship route in comparison to 15% in Year 10.
  • Both year groups felt that employers prefer candidates who have been to university and only 15% felt they were looking for apprentices.

The link to the 2019 survey is here for Wiltshire schools and here for Swindon schools.

The deadline to complete the survey is the end of July. All responses will be anonymous and all schools that feedback will have access to their own individual data to support careers development.

If you have any questions please contact

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