The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) want to ensure, as we re-enter lockdown that once we emerge, employers can find the training providers needed to deliver the apprenticeship Standards required at the earliest opportunity –  in the locations they need them, the time-frame requested, and in the manner that they want them to be delivered.

If employers can’t do this then the ESFA want to know, so that they can invite providers into those gaps in the market.

If you are an employer that is struggling to find apprenticeship providers that meet the needs of your business then the ESFA would like to hear from you. Simply send the following information to

  1. Your name as an employer
  2. the postcode where you would like delivery to occur. Please be precise.
  3. the sector/s that you work in
  4. the apprenticeship Standard/s required
  5. the level of the apprenticeship Standard/s
  6. the delivery method that you require, such as block release, online etc.

Please send your requirements, by noon on Tuesday 10 November – don’t forget to include your contact details so that they can contact you.

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