This week we have been celebrating Lifelong Learning Week brought to you by the Festival of Learning, and the team behind Work Wiltshire thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of their lifelong learning journeys with you.

Meet Claire, an Employment and Skills Officer who has been at Wiltshire Council since 2011. When we approached Claire, she told us that her lifelong learning journey was “nothing too exciting” however we beg to differ and it’s clear to see that Claire has embraced learning at all stages of her life, whether for employment or leisure purposes.

In her late teens and 20’s Claire completed a number of shorthand and medical secretariat courses, learned to drive, often a rite of passage for many young people, and discovered a love for the creative arts by learning the pottery wheel, sculpting and batik, she also attempted to learn guitar and claims that didn’t last long.

As Claire embraced her 30’s and 40’s she found herself undertaking a broad range of business related learning including various office software packages, ISO 9002, and a range of junior management courses. She still found time for her creative side a taught herself jewellery making, a hobby she still enjoys today.

Through working for Wiltshire Council, Claire’s learning continued; multiple in house training courses including; Having Difficult Conversations, Mindfulness, Procurement, Compliance and Managing Change, and further certified office software packages.

Claire and her partner Ian have been fortunate in running two businesses whilst living in America, which required intensive learning to be able to successfully manage a franchise.  She also found time to teach herself wire-work jewellery.

Now, slightly older and no less wiser, Claire has recently completed a Systems Thinking course, and numerous in-house opportunities on our GROW learning platform. Again her creative side has been updated by completing a working with fused glass course in the local area.

Claire has truly embraced lifelong learning.

Claire, subject of this article



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