Managing our finances is a key element of growing up, from early on whether it was planning what to spend your pocket money on, or what to do with that first wage packet as a teenager, to managing the household finances, money plays an important role in our lives.

Debt Charity StepChange, is championing Debt Awareness Week in a hope to destigmatise debt.

They want to support people in feeling comfortable asking for the help they need, and ease any worries they may have about being judged, or feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to tighten their belts in the light of job and health insecurity, encouraged people to start that “rainy day fund” so that they are prepared for life’s emergencies and made many of us think about where our money goes each month!

Our Colleagues in Family and Community Learning deliver Money Smart and Build Your Budget courses to support learners and residents to better understand their finances and are a great way to start managing your money better.

If you are struggling financially, StepChange offer a wealth of resources and professional, free support. Don’t be embarrassed to contact them if you are struggling to see a way out of debt.


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