Sometimes taking a chance and looking for employment opportunities outside of current or previous experience and qualifications can open up many new and exciting doors. Looking at your transferrable skills has never been more important than at this time of a global pandemic. Transferable skills are skills and abilities that are relevant and helpful across different areas of life: socially, professionally and at school. Skills You Need have produced a handy guide to get you started Transferrable Skills

Today’s good news story comes from Marion, a participant in her mid-50s, who was highly-qualified in her field and lost her job due to relocation.

Really wanting to work in a similar role, she was supported by her Building Bridges Development Worker to keep on top of opportunities and go for interviews. with fewer opportunities arising due to the pandemic, she met someone through an agency meeting, who became a friend, and agreed to try an alternative role – as a Community Carer.

Starting off with just one client, Marion really enjoyed the work and now has her own diary of clients whom she looks after, which means her hours have increased as well.

Congratulations to Marion and to all our super Development Workers, who haven’t stopped working during the pandemic.

The Building Bridges team are starting to return to socially-distanced, face-to-face meetings with one person, in outside spaces now, and will be meeting Marion next week, with her paperwork as she successfully signs off from the programme.

If you need support in returning to work Building Bridges may be able to help you, see if you are eligible today



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