Emma-Jade Kennedy, 24, is 4 months into a Kickstart placement at Premier Jobs UK. The recruitment company specialises in Financial Services Recruitment and are a keen supporter of Apprenticeships and the Kickstart scheme.

Can you share your story with us, how did you get into this role?

I went to University and studied Criminology, when I completed my Degree I came home and this was at the time of peak COVID. I worked in a temporary administration role to begin with then I went to the Job Centre and signed onto Universal Credit, this is when I was told about Kickstart. I began in my role of a Recruitment Resourcer, I have been clearing databases, carrying out a survey and further administration tasks.

What are your plans when you complete the Kickstart in a few months?

I have always wanted to join the Police force, I applied on a whim and am excited to be starting in February 2022, I will be doing a Masters Degree in Professional Policing. Once completed after two years of study I will be promoted to a fully qualified police constable.

How have you found the Kickstart programme?

It has been a challenge, but there is always something for me to do, I have been thrown into different situations and environments. It has been really helpful and a good experience, Ryan is offering employability skills and tailoring this for me around Police recruitment.

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