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Care to learn…

  • Provides funding for childcare to help young parents (defined as those aged under 20) continue in education after the birth of a child. The scheme provides funding for childcare whilst the young parent is engaged in a study programme and is not able to provide care for their child. It can also help the young parent with any additional travel costs involved in taking the child to the childcare provider.
  • Care to learn provides funding for childcare whilst young parents are on work placements or industry placements, where these are a defined part of the study programme.
  • Care to learn pays up to a maximum amount of £160 per child, per week or up to a maximum of £175 per child, per week in London.
    To be eligible, the young parents study programme must have some direct public funding and their childcare provision must be registered with Ofsted.
  • To receive care to learn, the young parent, their education institution and their childcare provider must all meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Young parents must complete and submit a new application each academic year even if their study programme runs for more than one year.
  • Young parents should apply for care to learn before the start of their study programme or as soon as possible after they start. If young parents apply after the start of their study programme, it is important they know that payments can only be backdated to the beginning of their study programme if their application is received within 28 days of the start date. For any applications received outside of this timeframe payments will only begin from the Monday of the week the SBSS receive the application.
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