Becky began her Kickstart journey with us in the Employment and Skills service on the 21st March, Becky is sharing her insights with us each month and how her journey in progressing.

On my first day I went into County Hall – it was bigger than I thought it was! I collected all of my IT equipment to get me started for my new job. I collected my ID badge and I had a tour of the building. During this week I had a meeting with the Family and Community Learning team (FaCL), they were all a nice and friendly bunch of people to meet and work with. I also met some other individuals from the team via TEAMS.

I had to learn how to make a desk booking so that I could work in the office with Catherine. She then showed me how to log on to Instagram and Twitter to see the Work Wiltshire pages. She also showed me the software that I could use to start completing my tasks that included creating Instagram posts to highlight job vacancies, apprenticeships and traineeships. She has set me that task to do every week, I am so proud she has let me do that job role.

During week 2 I have completed my e-Learning training, which is mandatory, that was easier than I thought and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I started going to Devizes library to shadow Cara (a FaCL tutor) and I have been helping her pupils with the course. This includes helping them with the objectives they have been set like sending attachments in emails and sending emails with Cc and Bcc (carbon copying and blind carbon copying) and it has been so much fun helping Cara.

Week two I have done another desk booking to work with Catherine, I have also registered with Wiltshire College to do my functional skills Maths and English. And I am continuing to support the tutors.

On week three I went to River Borne Community Farm to shadow Andy with his tutoring and I was helping the pupils with their tasks which was gardening, looking after the animals and looking for flints in a different field, they were icing and decorating cakes as well. It was very fun, I got to hold a guinea pig, feed the goats, meet the pigs and a rabbit.

On week four I went to Devizes and finished helping Cara with the Introduction to IT course, next week we are starting a new course on Introduction to Word and PowerPoint which I am looking forward to. Also, I will be starting my Webinar courses online with the Council on Microsoft teams which is Remote Time Management.

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