Kai Underwood, 19, has almost finished his Electrical Apprenticeship at Aster.  

 Did you always plan on an Apprenticeship? 

In Year 9 I decided I wanted to be an electrician, I had thought about going to University but as I got older I knew I wanted to work rather than stay in the classroom. My Dad suggested the apprenticeship route, he knew there were apprenticeship opportunities at Aster as he already worked there himself.

 What are your duties day to day? 

I was previously doing heating installs, new kitchens and bathrooms big projects in a team. But now I am doing smaller jobs as I am allowed to work on my own across Wiltshire.

 What is your advice to others considering an apprenticeship? 

It is exactly what I thought it would be, like Aster said you earn when you learn – it seemed stupid not to do an apprenticeship! Make sure you ask as many questions as you can, no question is stupid, in my first year I was not very confident, the more confidence you can gain the better you will become by the end of it.


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