Further Learning and Next Steps

Further Learning and Next Steps

Guidance and Links

If you have tried some of our courses and would like to further your learning or test your knowledge take a look below.

Multiply aims to support you to build confidence in your numeracy skills in order to effectively budget and manage your money.  For further advice on money, budgeting and dealing with cost of living, please see the links below.

Whether you’re anxious about making ends meet, applying for a job or helping children with maths, National Numeracy can help you feel better about numbers! Why not take a look at these helpful guides:

The National Numeracy Family Maths Toolkit is full of ideas and free activities to help families enjoy maths together.

The activities are short, fun weekly challenges for families and primary-aged children to do together to solve everyday maths problems, each of which is linked to things at home, events at school or the cultural calendar.

You can now access all our resources for free. It only takes a minute to sign up.


  • BBC Bitesize offers free videos and downloadable worksheets to help adult learners improve their calculation and numeracy skills: BBC Teach
  • They have a wide variety of activities, videos and games for children from Early Years to Post 16+: BBC Bitesize Maths

If you would like further information or advice about learning, training and work at all stages in your career, please visit the National Career Service

Multiply is proud to partner with the Illegal Money Lending Team – Stop Loan Sharks.

Stop Loan Sharks investigates and prosecutes illegal money lenders and provides support for borrowers in the UK. If you have borrowed from a loan shark or are worried about someone else, we’re here to help and keep you safe. Our specially trained staff will provide you with emotional and practical support that is tailored to your needs.

Visit Home – Stop Loan Sharks for more information. They offer a 24-hour helpline or Live Chat option on their website, which is available 9-5 Monday to Friday. If you are deaf or hard of hearing Stop Loan Sharks  can provide a BSL interpreter and they have a number of BSL resources on their YouTube channel

Take at look at these red flags to look out for if you’re worried that you, or someone you know, have been targeted by loan sharks: Red Flags

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