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Check out our vacancy bulletin

Our regularly updated vacancy bulletin provides details of current employment, apprenticeship, traineeship and volunteering vacancies in Wiltshire suitable for school and college leavers.

Vacancy Bulletin (20/10/2021)
Trowbridge Vacancies (27/10/21)

Contact the Employment and Skills Service via email if you have any questions in relation to these vacancies or those in neighbouring towns such as Swindon or Bath. Vacancies may close early should a high number of applications be received, if the employer interviews and offers the post to a suitable candidate, or if the employer’s business needs change. Apply now to avoid disappointment. Did you know you can receive our Hot Opportunities monthly e-newsletter directly to your inbox? Designed to keep you in the know about opportunities for young people like you, this includes events, courses, and news about things that matter most.
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Other opportunities

If you cant find what you’re looking for, why not check out our job vacancy directory, which lists a variety job agencies.

When using these make sure to use the keywords in the search facilities to help find relevant opportunities.

Job Vacancy Directory

List an opportunity on Young Work Wiltshire

All jobs, learning, training, personal development, volunteering and re-engagement activities for young people aged 13-19 (up to 24 with learning difficulties and disabilities) can be listed on Young Work Wiltshire. You can: