Always Better than Yesterday was founded by Ryan Hartley who has been born and raised in the local community. Ryan is a Leadership and Mindset coach having spent the last 17 years learning about people and mindset (otherwise known as psychology).

During these unprecedented times individuals and businesses are working in new and innovative ways to support each other, this meeting will be hosted on Zoom by Tom Porter and Ryan Hartley and is not affiliated to Work Wiltshire or Wiltshire Council, however it does provide a safe space for Wiltshire Business Leaders to come together, connect and support each other through these times.

This session isn’t traditional networking; it’s an opportunity to come together, share where you’re at, what you need and how we might be able to help each other.

The aim of this meeting is simply to provide a space for business leaders in Wiltshire to come together, to provide and receive support in helping us navigate through these times.

These meetings will take place weekly on a Wednesday starting 15th April at 1000hrs.

For further information and to register follow the link to Eventbrite

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