Apprentice Stories

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An Apprenticeship is a real job with training so you can earn while you learn and pick up some recognised qualifications as you go

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Local apprentices in Wiltshire testify how they are taking advantage of the opportunities and business owners how young enthusiastic staff benefit them.

Tom (Maintenance Operations Apprentice)
David Armes (Apprentice Technician)
A picture of an apprentice
Kieran Jenkins (Civil Engineering)
Wiltshire Council Organisational Development Assistant Apprenticeship
Wiltshire Council (Intermediate Level Apprenticeship)
Katy – Technical Support Officer
People Against Poverty (Intermediate Level Apprenticeship)
Imagine Cruising (Intermediate Level Apprenticeship)
Office Evolution (Intermediate Level Apprenticeship)
MHA Monahans (Higher Level Apprenticeship)
Avon Protection (Higher Level Apprenticeship)
Jubilee working at her desk
Wiltshire Council (Advanced Apprenticeship)
Christopher and Andy Merrett
Siemens (Advanced Apprenticeship)
Zircon (Degree Apprenticeships)
A picture of an apprentice
Hannah Derrick (Customer Service)
A picture of an apprentice
Hollie Evans (Finance)
A picture of an apprentice
Kieran Jenkins (Civil Engineering)
A picture of an apprentice
Luke Barrow (Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering)
A picture of an apprentice
Poppy James (Marketing)
Picture of Rob Perks from Inspire
Rob Perks (Inspire Chief Executive)

Wiltshire Council and partners believe there are further apprenticeship opportunities to be maximised and are keen to see more employers take up the apprenticeship offer as a way to meet their current and future skills needs.

A nation advertisement with a local apprentice.